Together We Fight to End Impunity: Justice for Victims of Cambodian State-Backed Killings

Together We Fight to End Impunity: Justice for Victims of Cambodian State-Backed Killings

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Due to the fear and possibilities of political repression, to ensure Cambodians’ safety, the petition can be signed anonymously to protect your identity.

Together We Fight to End Impunity: Justice for Victims of State-Backed Killings in Cambodia

More than forty years have passed since the fall of the Khmer Rouge Regime, yet extrajudicial killings have continuously been widely committed. The Hun Sen’s regime in Cambodia still uses unjust methods to silence political opponents and adversaries. No independent legal investigations for these killings that involve Hun Sen have been conducted. Hun Sen’s partisan politics dictate wide inequitable political and social actions in Cambodia, preventing Cambodian justice from materializing.

End Impunity in Cambodia campaign will mount a "take Hun Sen and his allies to an independent Justice system" referendum petition both online and directly with Cambodian communities inside and outside of the country and non-Cambodians with the aim of gaining 500,000 signatures that will be sent with case reports of each victim murdered by the Hun Sen regime since the signing of the Paris Peace Accords.

The case reports of each victim will be complied into a White Paper that will serve as material for public information, education, advocacy and to reveal the truth that the regime of Hun Sen has attempted to hide.

We demand justice through independent investigations of these killings. There will be no real peace until we create an end to impunity together.

We will advocate for the signatories of the Paris Peace Accords to impose visa sanctions and the freezing of assets of Hun Sen and those directly implicated in the extra judicial killings.

To do this, commemoration ceremonies will be held on July 10, 2020, in Cambodian communities around the world, centered around the fourth anniversary of Dr. Kem Ley’s assassination in Phnom Penh on July 10, 2016. 

Dr. Kem Ley was a Cambodian activist, physician, and political commentator, known for his political commentary, especially on the Cambodian People's Party. Throughout his lifetime he was a researcher on HIV and AIDS with the UNDP, UNICEF, and USAID as well as a political writer and activist. Most of all, he was well-loved by many Cambodians. In a politically motivated assassination, Dr. Kem Ley was fatally shot on July 10th. Dr. Kem Ley’s assassination was devastating for Cambodian communities and condemned domestically and internationally.

The July 10 commemoration ceremonies will also mark the launch of “We Never Forgot You - Ending Impunity in Cambodia”, a worldwide campaign to find justice for:
● Piset Pilika, a renown ballet dancer and actress murdered on 6 July 1999
● Chea Vichea, the first trade union leader, assassinated on 22 January 2004
● Chut Wutty, a fearless environmentalist murdered on 26 April 2012

We will also pay respects to the spirits of journalists, activists, military men, trade union leaders, politicians, students, innocent citizens and workers murdered since the signing of the Paris Peace Accords on 23 October 1991.

Together We Fight to End Impunity: Justice for Victims of State-Backed Killings in Cambodia, will engage Cambodians and international figures with knowledge of state-killings in Cambodia to form a movement that will seek to evoke unified condemnations against the brutality of the Hun Sen’s regime and to bring the main perpetrators to justice.  

We wish to focus the ceremony on Dr. Kem Ley’s tragic assassination, commemorating it as the main event, so Cambodians inside and outside Cambodia can express their mourning on the cruelty committed under the current dictatorial regime. 

By accepting to be complacent to the fake democracy under the regime of Hun Sen, the signatories of the Paris Peace Accords fail to fulfill their obligations to the people of Cambodia who deserve true peace.