Remove Jason Kisic's toxic authority as a Calvary Chapel pastor

Remove Jason Kisic's toxic authority as a Calvary Chapel pastor

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Pastor Jason Kisic of Calvary Chapel of Eureka Springs runs his church with unchecked authority, resulting in toxic, cult-like characteristics. Dozens of people have been deeply affected by his damaging ideology and spiritual abuse. He uses his power to control and hurt members of our community. We are asking Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain to launch a thorough investigation into Calvary Chapel of Eureka Springs and take away Jason's official affiliation with the Calvary Chapel organization. Of course, he would still be allowed to run a church, but would be without a well-established and respected church organization backing him.

Calvary Chapel of Eureka Springs operates as any typical authoritarian group. New parishioners are "love bombed" and led to think they've found a place that offers a network of support and spiritual growth. The love is conditional, the rules are arbitrary, and individuality is punished. Punishment is served via public humiliation through sermons when one fails to live up to Jason's standards. The church is to be put above earthly family at all costs. Servants of the church are conditioned to think of the church and Jason's authority as equivalent to God. The church is governed by fear and an insider vs. outsider mentality. When an opinion or ideology is questioned, it is often quoted that they have a problem with God's word, not the pastor. Legalism reigns, not grace and love.

Victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are often publicly shamed via sermons, which are often geared to attack individuals within the church. Mental health problems are seen as spiritual problems; therapy and medication is taboo and church servants are not allowed to get such help. One woman who struggled with suicidal thoughts and was recovering from a past attempt was banned from church--at a time when she needed love and support the most. Public school and higher education are continually shamed. Women are unquestionably under the authority of men at all times. These claims are not unfounded; we have heard many horrifying testimonies from past parishioners. Additionally Jason's sermons are uploaded online and contain disturbing content. You can listen to some highlights here:

If you care about the well-being of the members of our community, please express your concerns here. Calvary Chapel of Eureka Springs is dangerous and does not deserve to represent Calvary Chapel as a whole.