Royal Commission into child abuse & child abuse related deaths (NZ)

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NZ has a distressing record of child abuse and a sad history involving many child deaths most frequently caused by parents and/or caregivers/guardians ~ there are just so many names and the list grows longer year upon year. 

On average one child is killed by a parent or caregiver every 5 weeks in NZ and our child abuse statistics are both unbelievable and totally unacceptable. The problem is so massive, widespread and endemic throughout NZ society it requires urgent attention and intervention at the very highest levels.  

There have been Royal Commissions into matters of national importance such as ChCh Earthquakes & Pike River & our child abuse statistics and deaths are no less grave or significant. 

Having regard to the growing number of young NZ souls who year after year have lost their lives at the hands of those who were supposed to care for them the most, this petition calls upon the NZ Government to instigate a Royal Commission into child abuse and child deaths caused by parents and caregivers. 

The purpose of the Royal Commission will be to direct and focus meaningful Government action toward saving the lives of NZ children