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The parents and community of Van Buren Public schools call for the dismissal of superintendent Mr. VanTassel.  Mr. VanTassel does not follow proceedures, has put our students in danger more than once, and runs his administration by bullying his teachers and staff. We have had enough and We, the parents and community, want him gone! He has not taken appropriate actions to keep our children safe and has withheld crucial information from parents so that we were not able to make the appropriate decision to keep our children safe. There was a gun found at our local high school last week and No one was notified nor were our children taken out of school. This is only one of the many examples of why we are calling for his dismissal. We have given VanTassel numerous chances to do his job accordingly and he has failed. This is not one or two mad people complaining because they are upset, this is a whole community calling for action for our children, for our student's futures.  We need the help of higher elected officials to take a look at what is going on here in Belleville and to help us get rid of the problem starting with Vantassel!! We will not keep quiet any longer. We are demanding something be done! If our problems are not addressed by the VanBuren Public School Board of Education we will make every effort to have you replaced in the coming November election. We will picket, protest, and work night and day to let every single voting resident know that you ignored the community of Belleville who have clearly spoken.

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