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Commute the Prison Sentence of Cornealious Anderson

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Cornealious Anderson was sentenced to serve 13 years in prison in 2000 for armed robbery. After sentencing, he was told to wait for further instruction as to when to report to prison. Those instructions never came. Since then, Anderson has turned his life around. He is married, has children, and has started a carpentry business. He never made a secret of his identity. In fact, he has renewed his drivers license regularly, had paid traffic tickets, and was living a normal life.

Then in July 2013, 13 years later, a SWAT team arrived at his home. He was making his daughter breakfast when they knocked on his door and took him into custody.. This happened because of an clerical error in the judicial/correctional system, and not the fault of Mr. Anderson. Making him serve a 13 year sentance 13 years after his original sentance is morally wrong. Instead of being 37 upon release, he will be 50. What Mr. Anderson did was wrong, but by being a model citizen and contributing to society in a positive way should be restitution for his crime. Because of his late incarceration, he will will miss much of the last few years of youth, he will miss seeing his children grow up, his whole family will be rocked. This is a man who has spent the better part of 13 years bettering his life. Had he went to prison in 2000, what do you think Cornealious Anderson would be like today? Its hard to say, but its doubtful that he would be the upstanding citizen he is today. 

State law cannot give credit for time served unless you are actually behind bars, so unless he is given a pardon he will serve 13 years in prison. We ask that Governor Jay Nixon or President Barack Obama to pardon Cornealious Anderson, allowing him to return to return to his family and career. He has not broken any laws (besides minor traffic violations) since his original sentencing, and is unlikely to be a repeat offender. 

He was was in his early-twenties when he and his cousin robbed a Burger King with what later was discovered to be a BB gun. 

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