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For too long now our prestigious football club has been declining to the point of abjection and disillusionment. We demand communication! Jonathan Fear has verbalised many of our collective thoughts perfectly and we need to ensure Randy Lerner addresses us, the fans who have supported the club through generations and who are now being dismissed as well as short changed. We don't want an abrupt American legal style official club response, we want real answers to the questions posed so eloquently in Jonathan's article. Must sign for all Aston Villa fans & massive respect to Jonathan Fear.

This campaign is for the voices of the fans and the Villa community to be heard, and have more influence in the structure of the club from top to bottom.  We need leaders around the club and the buck stops with Randy Lerner.  His passion long dead, he barely bothers to attend at all. And he’s the man supposed to be running the club!

There are many Ex-Pros and lifelong supporters all keen to assist and provide advice and guidance, from which I hear seem to have been dismissed and ignored.

There are probably more ex-directors home & away than current directors, as if from a different era that truly cared for the club.

But we must remember, the fans ARE Aston Villa Football Club!  We want more years like 1982, 1994 & 1996… no more like 2012, 2013, 2014…  You only need to see the official club History Timeline page to see how stale things really have got!

I’ve shorted Jonathan Fear's article to highlight key points which resonated with me & many fans…


Hi Randy

I come in peace, without arrogance and pretty much without hope. I`ve actually been asked by so many 'DO SOMETHING FEAR` and although I don`t think I can do anything, I also feel a slight duty of care having been so vocal with regards to the previous owner and so supportive of your era up to but not including the last four woeful years. I can say as a fan of some time, I`ve never felt so bored or distanced. My first game was 1978. The lady behind me the other day said she had always promised to stop coming when it stopped being fun and said that is now. I`ve heard many say the 3rd division days were better than this because at least 'we` had some fight then. There is also an article on my site at the moment of a fan of 35 years saying that`s it, he`s done. He`s a top guy, raised a lot for Acorns etc etc. Many feel like mugs right now and then have to listen to Lambert`s post match musings on the way home from games.

*Even my dad after Sunday said to me 'for goodness sake contact Randy and do something`. He also said a straight no to going to the FA Cup which despite being on tv and us season ticket holders having paid enough already for what we`ve seen, has gone up in price!

*There are some fans who support Lambert and blame you squarely for not backing him. I don`t buy the not backing, not to this level of inadequacy but it would be grossly unfair for me not to mention them. You`ll know in our interactions (they won`t!) that I try to be balanced and our former CEO will certain attest to the fact, as will some press, that when I give views, I often say this isn`t my personal view, this is the view of the majority. The view of the majority at the moment appears to be boredom, resignation, bewilderment and the suspicion that this manager is taking us down. Some say the fans need to just turn up and be the 12th man. Would you argue against me saying that`s exactly what we`ve done? The away fans are second to none, the home fans are quiet and bored but give them something to get behind and they are there straight away. And the chants have been v the manager, not against the team.

*some of the commentaries have been amazing 'the fans are booing, I wish I could join in to be honest` 'I can`t for the life of me see what Villa are trying to do with the ball` 'they aren`t moving forward` etc

*The view of our capitulation and lack of direction this year despite the expectations from - I think at the time - the majority that we`d see major improvements this year is we are going down.

*We are told by the manager our expectations don`t match the reality. That means not his fault, it is your and our fault. I can tell you for a 100% fact that the expectations of the great majority have NEVER been so low Mr Lerner. Please re-read that line. Not EVER

*Tom`s quotes last week, implying 'we know best` and saying fans are baying for blood but it`s a false narrative were arrogant, misguided and rude towards people who know far more about a) football b) Aston Villa c) the fans than him. I know you nudged him to meet me, he fixed a date in October (I hadn`t asked to meet but still managed to juggle my day, it would be at my expense and I`d have to come back and catch up on work), cancelled, kept it open and never came back for another appointment despite 'really really` wanting to meet me (his pa called the Friday before the Monday meeting, he didn`t). It`s a lack of respect and also mad not to meet fans who have the finger on the pulse.

*If you and Tom really think you know better than all the football experts, the fans who are there week in week out and from the information that the results over the 3 years of Lambert then so be it.

*I realise this will be listened to by your good self and I thank you again for your time. I also sadly would certainly imagine with all due respect, it will be ignored. However, I can at least say to those telling / imploring / nagging me to do something, that I have done all I can and to the man who owns the Club and says he has the best interests of it at heart.


Jonathan Fear

(full article

We need leadership and direction, if Randy isn’t willing to do it then WE, THE FANS will.  We have no choice you see, this club is in our lifeblood and we genuinely care, to us it is not an expensive toy we’ve tired of.

This as a Call To Action For Aston Villa Fans, We Must Be Heard!

Let’s vote in numbers and really make our views heard.  Please sign and share and join My twitter @mikehopeUX



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