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Call on WY authorities to investigate ethics and fraud allegations against Rep. Sue Wallis


Wyoming resident, Patricia Fazio, Ph.D. has filed a complaint with state officials, requesting an investigation of alleged violations of ethics laws and securities fraud by Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis (R-Campbell).  Wallis is an avid proponent of horse slaughter and is alleged to have used her position as state legislator to promote and misrepresent horse slaughter for her personal financial gain.  Wallis is also accused of duping and misleading potential investors in her alleged horse slaughter facility. 

Most recently, Wallis has announced she is holding a pro-horse slaughter "summit" in Las Vegas with a hefty price tag for attendees. She was to announce the winner of a raffle for a new pick-up truck. Then according to the complaint, Wallis announced she may not be able to buy the truck and asked raffle participants if she could just keep the money from ticket sales. It is alleged Wallis may be "running an unlicensed lottery, and at worst she has attempted to defraud those who bought the tickets at $100 apiece."

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Letter to
WY House Minority Floor Leader Rep. Patrick Goggles
WY Secretary of State, Compliance Max Maxfield
WY Secretary of State, Elections Max Maxfield
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WY Attorney General Bruce A. Salzburg
I applaud Wyoming resident, Patricia Fazio, Ph.D. for making public these alleged violations of ethics and securities laws by Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis (R-Campbell). I urge you to investigate these allegations. Rep. Wallis holds a position of trust, not something to be abused for her personal and financial gain. But she may have used her position to promote and misrepresent horse slaughter for her personal and financial benefit.

It is a serious matter if Rep. Wallis has misled investors or failed to comply with securities laws. It is important for you to find out whether she is misleading the public by collecting funds under the pretense of "education" or "charitable" works when she is simply promoting her own businesses including a horse slaughter facility.

Thank you and I look forward to the results of your investigation.

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