Call on the U​.​S. and European governments to ban the giraffe trade.

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Friend of the Earth needs your signature to lead North American and EU Government to review their position about the giraffe trade. We will send all signatures of this petition to the governments and online retailers selling giraffes products and we will ask for feedback and updates on the undertaken measures. We will then provide you with update here.

The problem:

A century ago, more than one million Giraffe used to roam across sub-Saharan Africa. But these gentle giants are now extinct in at least seven countries with only 100,000 animals remaining in fragmented populations across the continent.

Their decline by 40 per cent over the past 30 years means that Giraffes are now listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List. Two-subspecies (Nubian and Kordofan Giraffe) are listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ and two others (Reticulated and Masai Giraffe) as ‘Endangered’.

Habitat loss, infrastructure development and degradation have been fueled by wildfire, livestock incursions and illegal encroachment by humans. Poaching, snaring and trade for bushmeat, skins, tails and traditional medicine have further put the Giraffe’s survival in doubt. Diseases, civil unrest, climate change, human population growth, lack of law enforcement, and lack of awareness of Giraffe conservation exacerbate these threats.

In August 2019 Giraffes were put on the Cites Appendix II meaning that the commercial trade will now be recorded and followed in a more sustainable way. 

With this petition, we would like to raise awareness about this silent extinction, sensibilize the governments and ask the online retailers to stop promoting the trade of Giraffes products.

Thank you for signing and spreading this petition!

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