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Ban Photographs/video of vehicle accidents scene victims from being shared on social media

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On June 28th,2015 my beautiful friend Miranda Valles, 21 and her friend Matt Summers,41 were involved in a motorcycle accident. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. My heart aches still of that phone call and watching it on the news. She was a beautiful person who would do just about anything to make you laugh and loved by many.Coping with the loss was very difficult but it didn't stop there. A man had taken gruesome photos of the accident scene.. Miranda's body laid behind Matt's severed body on the pavement.

On August 10th, 2016 my friend Steven Thomas,26 was hit by a drunk driver. Steven passed away a day later from his injuries. Words can't express the heartbreak of losing Steven. He was a man with a heart of gold who would do anything for anyone. As if the accident on its own was not horrid enough..Immediately after the accident occurred photos were posted for all to see of the accident scene. Many including myself and some family were notified of the accident by seeing these graphic photos..

On August 24th,2016 A man named Edward Brandseth, 75 was walking from the VA hospital when he was struck by an SUV that overturned and caught fire. A man on scene filmed as emergency crews worked to pull the driver out of the vehicle. The man then shared the video on social media, tagged several news stations and one used the video in their segment and merely blurred the image. The man stating in the video "there's his body and there is his head" and even walked closer to get a better video. "He was a Vietnam war veteran and a grandfather of 3 who too was loved by many". -Denise Brandseth Daughter n law of Edward

Four beautiful people posted in such a manner is heart breaking.. Their families and friends all to see..

This is happening daily and daily more families have to cope with haunting images or videos of their loved ones. Imagine your daughter, son, mother, sister. Gruesome images leave everlasting scars.

ALL people should be remembered for the people they were not by how they died. People are paralyzed for life from tragic accidents everyday and graphic photos are shared. News crews do NOT photograph or video injuries or fatalities. Medical examiners and coroners do NOT release photos of claimed bodies to the public or the media. Others should respect the victim's and families privacy as well.

These photos are posted for them to be bullied, shamed and made fun of and they are not here to stand up for themselves.. Families left with haunting images and some so bad have to seek counseling to get by..

Synopsis: Amends social media platforms change their community standards to ban photos or videos being shared or posted of accident scene victims.

Many  social media platforms remove photos of breastfeeding woman, nudity, pornography, graphic videos of celebrities or World dictators. But these image of victims do not violate their standards.


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