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Call on President Obama: Protect the Floridan Aquifer & Relocate Residents from Dioxin-Contaminated Homes.

More than 20 million Southeast US residents depend on the Floridan Aquifer for their drinking water. Test results confirm that the Floridan is being contaminated with cancer-causing toxins including arsenic, benzene, naphthalene, and creosote leaching from the Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site in Gainesville, Florida. The inadequate cleanup plan proposed by corporate polluter Beazer East and rubberstamped by US EPA leaves the contamination in place, allowing its continued migration into the Aquifer. To stop the ongoing malignant pollution of the drinking water source for all of Florida, southeast Georgia, southern South Carolina, and southern Alabama, the contamination must be removed.

Dioxin was found at 400 to 1,000 times above the residential safe standard in tested homes in neighborhoods surrounding the Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site. For decades, residents of these neighborhoods have reported unusually high rates of cancers, respiratory problems, immune system disorders such as ms and lupus, diabetes, autism, miscarriages, still births, birth defects and other diseases and disorders known to be caused by long term toxic exposure, and have repeatedly asked for permanent relocation from their contaminated homes. So far, their pleas have been ignored by every level of government. These residents and their children need immediate, permanent relocation out of harm’s way. 

We need President Obama to enforce the real cleanup of the Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site and end its chemical contamination of the Floridan Aquifer.  The President's help is also desperately needed to expedite the permanent relocation of residents directly impacted by Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site contamination inside of their homes.

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