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Call on Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to Stop Georgia's Anti-Immigrant Bill -- 2 DAY PUSH!

Thank you for standing up for dignity and against Arizona-style, anti-immigrant legislation in Georgia. We have already delivered thousands of signatures to Georgia's Governor to veto this terrible bill, HB 87. Now, let's keep the pressure on during the last 2 days of the Georgia legislative session!

Georgia lawmakers only have until midnight Thursday to wrap things up, so there's still a chance we can block the bill before it lands on the Governor's desk. Let's urge Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle to use his influence to help us stop this bill. Should HB 87 go to what's called "conference committee," Lt. Governor Cagle will play a key role in appointing the committee members who will determine the bill's fate. 

Please sign the petition to send a letter directly to Lt. Governor Cagle's office, asking him to use his power to help stop HB 87  -- we can't afford this kind of legislation in Georgia!  

Once you have signed the petition, please call his office at (404) 656-5030, and say:

"I urge Lieutenant Governor Cagle to use his power to stop HB 87. If it passes, Georgia could face a nation-wide boycott and even lose its reputation as a welcoming state. Georgia can't afford this! Thank you."

This petition was delivered to:
  • Lieutenant Governor of Georgia
    Casey Cagle
  • Director of Legislative Affairs, Lt. Governor of Georgia
    Russell Carlson
  • Director of Communications and External Affairs, Lt. Governor of Georgia
    Ben Fry
  • General Counsel/Director of Policy
    Irene Munn

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