Save and properly fund Norman Laud Association- Respite Care for People with Disabilities

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We the undersigned are calling on Birmingham City Council to step in and secure the long term future of Norman Laud- a charity that has been providing respite care for people with profound learning difficulties, and/or complex physical needs since 1961.

For years Birmingham City Council have been considerably underfunding the cost of respite care, particularly for adults with severe disabilities from 18-65 years old by 50%, compared to children’s services in the city for overnight respite.

We are calling on Birmingham City Council to properly fund the cost of respite care for children and adults with profound learning difficulties enabling families to have that vital support with their care, enabling positive social experiences, growing their independence, privacy, dignity and equality. We also call on the Cabinet Member and officers to work with families, the Norman Laud Management Team and supporters to urgently establish an emergency rescue package, especially following difficulties with COVID, to secure the future of this service for families across our city, the 40+ employees at the centre and the many users who have their lives enriched by the support.

Especially in these unprecedented times, the respite care provided by services like Norman Laud provide a vital lifeline for families already struggling with caring for loved ones with often profound and/or complex needs in very difficult times. Birmingham City Council must step up and commit to secure its long term for the most vulnerable and in need members of our society.

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