Call From Generation Z: Declare Climate Emergency 

Call From Generation Z: Declare Climate Emergency 

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5 Ekim 2021
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We call to decision makers; You owe us, young people, a determined fight against the climate crisis. Declare a Climate Emergency!

We did not bring the world to the irreversible thresholds of the climate crisis, but this crisis has jeopardized our access to water, food, living a life in line with human dignity and has risked the nature we live in, our future. 

We want decision makers who secure our future. Saving the climate means saving our future. 

The climate crisis requires an urgent and inevitable action plan. 35 countries around the world together, with different local and regional governments in which more than 1 billion people are represented, have declared a climate emergency. 

Turkey is a country vulnerable to the climate crisis. With fires, floods, disasters happening all over the country, it's time for us to launch a decisive action plan against this crisis. 

We want a Climate Emergency declared!

  • Let the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and all ministries act jointly to declare a climate emergency and make legal arrangements for the climate emergency.
  • All municipalities, especially metropolitan municipalities, act to declare a climate emergency in municipal councils. 
  • Establish a Climate Crisis Science Committee which non-governmental organizations and scientists will be invited.
  • Let the main goal of the Scientific Committee be determined as the transition to a carbon-free order and preparing a zero carbon roadmap. 

Youth groups supporting the campaign: 

Roots & Shoots Turkey

Fridays for Future Turkey 

Youth for Climate Turkey 

Bilim Virüsü Young Climate Leaders

Young TEMA Volunteers

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İmzalar: 44.719Sonraki Hedef: 50.000
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