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Call for the mandatory de-sexing of cats in Queensland at the point of transfer (sale).

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We are calling on the Queensland Minister, Honourable Bill Byrne MP, to legislate and to enforce the mandatory microchipping  and de-sexing of cats at the point of transfer in Queensland. Anyone (including breeders) who does not abide by the law should be penalised. 

 At the very least we ask for a meeting with the Minister on this issue.

 Background: Authorities commonly view homeless cats as pests or as a threat to other species, for example, wild life. This has resulted in tens of thousands of cats being euthanized  each year which is NOT acceptable. This is causing distress in many sections of the community affecting our mental well-being and impacting the nation’s health budget.

ALL cats and kittens should be de-sexed from four months of age.

Cat rescuers and animal shelters are doing the best they can to home these cats  including providing veterinary care,  de-sexing, vaccinations and micro-chipping. However they are doing this with very limited resources. Obviously, the best efforts by these people is only making a small difference.

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 If you like cats - Too many unwanted cats are born each year with no homes to go to. Many are euthanized (often unethically) by the Queensland government. It is very difficult to get an official figure but it is understood to be tens of thousands. Others are dumped on streets and freeways, drains, etc. to starve, get run over and to die slow deaths. Backyard cat breeders are focused on making money and have absolutely no regard for the welfare of cats. With aggressive breeding, deformed and very sick kittens are born only to suffer in pain and then to die slowly. 

If you don't like cats - With the mandatory de-sexing of cats there should be fewer kittens being born to be dumped in pounds or the community. With fewer cats born each year, the funding on cat management should decrease. This is the most environmentally responsible way to keep the cat population under control in contrast to cat culling. If cats in the bush are culled by poisoning , what would be the environmental impact be on our river systems which we rely on as a food source and also for agriculture?  We have no idea how these dead cats are disposed of except to say that it cannot be environmentally friendly compared to not having to kill cats in the first place.  The savings from not having to cull can then be put to better use in other areas that require funding. This has to be the most effective  21st century solution to curb the cat population.

Cat rescuers have been fighting this battle for too long and experience the heartache and mental anguish on a daily basis caused by the lack of compulsory de-sexing regulation.

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