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Call for support to ban kangaroo products in EU

This petition is to ask every human being around the world who cares about animals to sign up and help protect the lives of some 440,000 baby kangaroos who face starvation or being bludgeoned to death after their mother is shot.  This happens in Australia every year and the world sits back. Russia has banned the meat on health grounds yet the EU and other communities continue importing it.  Kangaroos are killed in the outback every night and skinned to make sports footwear.  THIS KILLING MUST STOP and be banned in EU as seal products have. We need your support. The kangaroos need your support. Not only are you signing our petition but also sending letters by submitting your action, to decision makers.

Letter to
European Union
Ref: Petition - 1447/2009
A petition has now been registered with the EU calling for a full and complete ban of all kangaroo products to aid in stopping one of the biggest wildlife land massacres on the planet.

The commercial killing of kangaroos has been happening for over 30 years resulting in millions of sentient animals being killed for profit.

A "by-product" of these killing are the deaths of baby kangaroos (some 440,000 per year) who either face death by starvation or by being roughly ripped from the safety of their dieing mothers pouch and then having their heads bashed in. Killed very much like seals are.

This cruel and unacceptable treatment is causing concern around the world as more and more citizens hear of this news. The killings must stop and the only way is to restrict all trade in kangaroo products, in this case, into, through and between, all 27 member states of the EU.

I fully support this call for a ban and request that you do the same.
Thank you
Kind regards

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