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Call for an ACCC investigation into uncompetitive behaviour and high petrol prices in Yass

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Yass is being ripped off on petrol prices.  Over Easter we had the highest petrol prices in regional NSW ( while just down the road at Goulburn, prices were more than 20c/L cheaper.

On Saturday 29 April, prices in Goulburn were $1.10/L for E10 petrol ($1.12 for 91 Regular unleaded).  In Yass, the price for E10 was $1.40.  That’s a difference of 30c per litre! That costs a Yass family $22 more to fill up a Commodore than it costs a Goulburn family, and it adds up to more than $1,100 per year if you fill up once a week.  It’s grossly unfair to Yass locals, especially those who like to shop local, but want the prices to be fair.

We may think we can’t do anything about it.  We might think we just have to put up with it, drive out to Harden or Goulburn or into Canberra, but there is something we can do. 

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) investigated petrol prices in Darwin where prices were 20c/L above other capital cities.  When the ACCC started its investigation, prices immediately dropped because petrol stations up there realised they couldn’t get away with ripping off customers anymore.  When the ACCC released its report, it showed prices had reduced to less than 10c/L above other capital cities (

If we can get the same result, with petrol prices only 10c per litre above Goulburn, many more people would buy local petrol.  Service stations will sell more volume, and local residents won’t have to drive out of town for their petrol.

Sign the petition to ask the ACCC to urgently investigate petrol prices in Yass.

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