Call for AAPS to end their relationship with AAPD

Call for AAPS to end their relationship with AAPD

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Ann Arbor Public Schools Jeanice Swift

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Dear, Ann Arbor Public Schools

We are here to demand termination of the close relationship between the AAPD and AAPS.

Due to recent and ongoing events of police brutality in Michigan and across the country we as students are calling on Ann Arbor Public schools to terminate their relationship with the Ann Arbor police department. Police brutality has been an issue both in our community and across Michigan for years and it is focused primarily on black and brown residents in our community. This leads to increased fears of black and brown students when there is a police presence. 

A recent survey found that “Based on their most recent interactions with AAPD, 89 percent  of white residents offered positive ratings (good or excellent), in terms of feeling treated in a respectful and professional manner, while only 45 percent of black residents did.”

Currently in Michigan right now is that 96-97 percent of the academy graduates [in law enforcement] are white males."In 2014 the Ann Arbor police department was responsible for the death of Aura Rosser and the police office responsible has received no disciplinary punishment. 

This shows a clear pattern of disregard within AAPD for black and brown residents. Currently 16% of Ann Arbor public school students are black. We cannot allow them to feel unsafe while trying to participate in education and school activities. 

In 2019 AAPD received $28,516,331 dollars in funding from the city. We believe that terminating the contract between AAPS and AAPD would allow funding from AAPS to go to more productive ways of security. Such as security guards who are trained thoroughly in de escalation with youth as well as a more diverse group in security to accurately represent our school. We can no longer let our black and brown students, teachers and parents feel unsafe when entering the classroom, sports games and school events.


1,995 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!