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Call an inquiry into the Canada Revenue Agency and tax cheat accounting firms

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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is supposed to fairly, ethically and effectively ensure that everyone pays the taxes they owe.  But the CRA has developed an unethical relationship with big accounting companies, and as a result it seems to be letting those companies and their rich clients get away with tax-cheating schemes that cost Canadians millions.

At the same time, CRA has targeted many people who are not wealthy, and also charities, with aggressive enforcement and high penalties.

As the CBC has reported since last September, dozens of people have left the CRA and gone to work for the big accounting companies.  Top CRA officials regularly attend behind-closed-door events with top accounting company officials, and the Canadian government even works in partnership with the accounting industry association.

The Panama Papers have revealed that just the tip of what is likely a very large and dangerous iceberg of tax schemes used by wealthy people and companies to cheat on their taxes.  Hundreds of Canadians, and the Royal Bank, are among those named in the Panama Papers.

This petition asks Prime Minister Trudeau and Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier to call a public inquiry into whether the CRA’s relationship with big accounting companies has led to unfair, unethical and weak enforcement of tax laws that let the companies and their rich clients get away with cheating on their taxes.

The petition also calls for changes to federal laws as soon as possible to increase from 1 year up to 2 years (for junior employees) and up to 5 years (for senior employees) the cooling-off period during which former government employees are prohibited from working with anyone or any company or organization they watched over while in government, and to require them to notify the Integrity Commissioner when they leave government so the Commissioner can ensure they follow this rule, and to require the Commissioner to disclose on a searchable website the list of where former government employees are working during their cooling-off period, and to give the Commissioner the power to impose strong penalties on former government employees who violate key ethics rules (there are no penalties now).

Canadians deserve to know the whole truth, and changes are needed to the law to ensure the CRA’s enforcement of tax laws is fair, ethical and effective.

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