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Legalize Sugar Gliders as Pets in California

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In the entire U.S. only 5 states consider the ownership of Sugar Gliders Illegal.
Hawaii, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California.

-Sugar Gliders are considered Exotic Animals but they are not dagerous by any means.
-Because they have such special requirements for their diet and lifestyle they probably wouldn't survive in the U.S.. Thats why you dont hear about Sugar Glider outbreaks.
-Every state surrounding Calfornia allows Sugar Gliders, so making them Illegal is impractical.
-This doesnt seem like a big deal to most people, but to people who love animals and in particular Sugar Gliders it is a huge deal.
-This will also save the government money.

Why do Sugar Gliders make such great pets?

-They are very clean animals. Like cats they groom themselves regularly.

-They love playtime with their owner and are very fun to watch as they play together.

-They are a colony animal and should be kept at the very least in twos. This way you know that they have a buddy to watch their back at night and when you have to go out during the day.

-If you do go out during the day you can take them with you in small pouch called a "Bonding pouch". This way you dont have to leave them at home.

-They are Nocturnal so during the daytime they sleep.

-And one of the coolest things about them is that they bond to their owners. It creates a connection unlike anything you get with other animals and makes you feel so special.

-Please Google Sugar Gliders and you will see how lovable and beautiful they are.

Please help make a lot of people happy by allowing them the opportunity to have amazing companions in their lives.

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