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California, take action to help dogs too ill to receive the rabies vaccine

Molly's Bill, authored by Assemblyman Curt Hagman, aims to create a medical exemption for dogs who are too ill to receive the rabies vaccine in the state of California. The medical exemptions would be provided by veterinarians on a case-by-case basis and include dogs with chronic diseases such as kidney failure, liver failure, pemphigus, lupus, etc. According to many published studies as well as Michael Day, author of “Clinical Immunology of the Dog and Cat,” “Vaccination may trigger a range of immune-mediated reactions in dogs and cats." More can be found on the rabies vaccine in animals on The bill was introduced once before and although it passed senate and assembly policy committees, it was halted in Senate Appropriations. The Department of Health claims it will cost $140,000 to change three sentences on a regulation that is one page long. The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association is the sponsor of the legislation and the California Veterinary Medical Association supports it. Clearly, the bill makes sense. Unfortunately, your signature will only count if you are a California resident.

Letter to
State Representative Eric Linder
I sign this petition on behalf of dogs in the state of California who have been determined by a veterinarian to be too ill to receive the rabies vaccination. I request that Molly's Bill be passed into law quickly.  No Pet Owner should be forced to further compromise their pet's health or risk becoming a criminal because they want to be responsible guardians. I understand that these medical exemptions are authorized by veterinarians who have the the medical knowledge and best interest of the animal and public in mind. The bill applauds those who would act in accordance with the law and allows veterinarians to do what they were trained for. It is imperative to these animals and families that Molly's Bill be passed without delay.

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