Give Students an Option: No Record Withdrawal and/or Pass/Fail Grades

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In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, universities across the nation have been forced to shutdown. California State University San Marcos, like many other schools, have implemented online schooling. 

Many students, including myself, are finding it difficult to adjust to the current situation. I am aware that my college is trying its best to navigate this difficult time, but many students, and professors, are finding this change to be stressful, complicated, and overwhelming. 

I am asking for my university to allow students to be able to withdraw from the semester without a "W" showing up on their transcripts and/or to allow professors to implement Pass/Fail grades. 

It is ridiculous for universities to assume that all of its students can participate in online education, especially during such a challenging time. Many students are being forced into unfavorable circumstances, such as toxic and abusive home environments, lack of resources, ill family members (or being ill themselves, CSUSM has reported 2 students that have been tested positive for Covid-19), etc. 

Myself and others are finding it extremely challenging to keep up with our courses, while the world is in a state of chaos. Not to mention those students who are continuously working through this pandemic.  

I am asking, on behalf of myself and other students, to consider my requests to help alleviate the added stress and burdens that we are facing during this tumultuous time.