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We want the university to give students a chance to voice their opinions on the new commencement changes regarding numbers of guests attending our graduation.

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Being a senior at any university is an exciting and stressful time for many students. This is the year that we will finally get that Bachelor's Degree that we have been working so hard on. This is the year that we finally get to consider ourselves adults because we will soon be a part of the real world. This is the year that we decide if we want to continue our education. This is the year we decide which path we will be following for the rest of our lives. For me and many other seniors, graduation is a short five months away and we have now learned that we are only allowed to get four tickets per student. Graduation is one of those amazing milestones in life that you want to share with everyone you love, and four tickets is just not going to cut it. Many of us have divorced parents, does that mean that we have to pick a side or tell our stepparents that they can't come? Many of us are the first to graduate in our families, does that mean that we cannot celebrate with our immediate family and friends? Many of us have a family of our own, does that mean that our kids won't be able to see their parents graduate? There are so many scenarios in which four tickets is just not enough. 

I started this petition because I realized that I am not the only student at CSUN that is outraged with these commencement changes. This petition helps CSUN students have a voice, since we weren't given one during the decision process. This petition shows that we are not afraid to fight for what is important to us, and after studying for four or five years at CSUN we want to walk acorss that stage knowing that everyone we love is watching us. Every student should have the right to be called on stage one by one so each student can get the round of applause that they deserve for all of their hard work and dedication. Since going to college and university is not mandatory it is important to show those students that have worked so hard that they are important, especially since we are the future of the work force and the world. 

This petition will be brought to the President of CSUN and we will show her that we have a voice and that something needs to be done about the commencement changes. We, as students, understand that changes needed to be made, however we feel like our voices aren't being heard, and we weren't even given a chance to voice our opinion before a final decision was made for the 2014 commencement. We understand many universities have been using this ticketing system for years, but they additionally let students buy extra tickets or additional seating was provided in the back. The extra money from those tickets would go towards more seats, more security, or whatever the university many need to run the graduation smoothly. 

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