Give CSU Chico Students the Graduation They Deserve

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Due to the COVID-19 our world has entered uncertain times. In times like these, we gravitate to the little things we do have control over, or find peace in the simple pleasures we look forward to at the end of this. For the seniors in the graduating class of 2020 who have had the best days of their college experience taken away from them, we were looking forward to our commencement ceremony. 

This pandemic has shifted our world into a state of unfortunate distress and discouragement. With entire nations shutting down and minimal public interaction, this pandemic is a worldwide problem that is larger than all of us. Still, as we live each day routinely respecting the stay-at-home orders, we look forward to the important moments that should be shared together when this is all over- like our commencement ceremony. Please help the Class of 2020 at California State University, Chico receive the graduation ceremony they deserve after years of working diligently and passionately.

We understand that the health and safety of our communities is what is at stake here, and for this reason President Hutchinson assured the class of 2020 it would have its, "public moment to be recognized and shine" with a postponed- not cancelled- graduation. After a month of awaiting our new commencement date, we were answered with President Hutchinson's offer for us to either experience our commencement in a virtual ceremony, or walk across the stage with the Class of 2021 next spring. Neither of those options are amount to the feeling of walking across that stage and knowing it was all worth it with your fellow classmates that have experienced those same long nights of studying, stressful breakdowns, and all the other moments inbetween. We are the class of 2020 and we deserve to walk across the stage at a real ceremony in 2020 to distinguish and commemorate us for our hard work, not a virtual one and not one with the Class of 2021. 

*** I want to be clear this petition is only asking for signatures, NOT donations. Within our tuition there are fees for our commencement ceremony and we have not been refunded. The University has the funds to ensure our graduation can occur. Donations to this do not go towards the Class of 2020's commencement ceremony, if you are prompted to donate after signing that donation is simply to boost the reach of this petition and goes to, not us.***