Petition Against Commercial Solar Farm Inches From Single Family Homes

Petition Against Commercial Solar Farm Inches From Single Family Homes

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Jerome Ross started this petition to California State Senate and

Petition to Halt Commercial Solar Farm, Inches From Single Family Homes
Simi Country Estates, a mobile home community in East Simi Valley, is building a commercial solar farm inches away from single-family homes.
Mobile home communities are regulated by the California State Department of Housing Community Development (HCD), which has different building codes. They are not bound to Simi Valley building codes despite residing within the city limits.
Simi Valley building code requires five feet for setback from the property line.  HCD Tittle 25 building codes require 36 in. Setback.  This Commercial Solar Farm Project  is currently ~24 in from the property line and the roof is not yet attached.

Through an exception regarding construction with non-combustible materials HCD has approved this project to have a zero setback. 

We cannot believe our city & state governments continue to let this type of structure be built with a zero setback from single-family homes.

We have escalated this issue through HCD and to our city & state elected officials.  Simi Valley Mayor Keith Mashburn & the city council said, "there is nothing they can do about it," and "it's not their jurisdiction." Neither party is willing to stand up for their constituents.
HCD informed us we lack standing to appeal the permit because we are neither the owner nor a resident or contractor of Simi Country Estates. 
Why do we lack standing?
The impact of this solar project is detrimental to our property value as homeowners.
We contacted CA State Senator Henry Stern's office and asked they intervene with HCD. HCD, a state agency that reports directly to the legislator, refuses to engage in discussions with the Senator's office regarding this permit.
Frustrating is an understatement!
Why would HCD not discuss this with Senator Stern's office, the elected official whom their agency directly reports?
Are they hiding something?
It's clear that this project does not pass the "sniff test."
In addition to HCD's noncompliance, their improper permit allows this project to move forward without considering the impact to neighboring homeowners.

  • There was no public hearing
  • There was no CEQA or Environmental Impact Assessment
  • There was no notice to the City of Simi Valley
  • There was no notice to neighboring homeowners

As a result:

Property Devaluation - Solar farms devalue residents' properties due to present health risks from the installation, electromagnetic exposure, visual impact, solar panel glare, poor water drainage management, continuous noise during the solar production (generator like noise), and habitat degradation.
Emotional Distress - Our right to fully enjoy the property we own without suffering such devastating destruction of their neighborhood's peace, beauty, and harmony.

Our families are devastated!!!

Electromagnetic Short & Long-Term Health Effects - According to the World Health Association, a study of real-world exposure to non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields in pregnant women found a significantly higher rate of miscarriage, providing new evidence regarding their potential health risks. There are established biological effects from acute exposure at high levels, as explained by recognized biophysical mechanisms. External ELF magnetic fields induce electric fields and currents in the body, which at very high field strengths cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system. Potential long-term effects: Much of the scientific research examining long-term risks from ELF magnetic field exposure has focused on childhood leukemia. In 2002, IARC published a monograph classifying ELF magnetic fields as "possibly carcinogenic to humans."
Fire Safety - The possibility of fires resulting from or intensified by photovoltaic systems may trigger concern among the general public and firefighters.
Water Maintenance & Drainage - Construction projects need to seriously consider the quantity of stormwater retained at the construction site. There is a considerable concern for the integrity of the town's water system because potentially toxic solar equipment components could leak. Estimating stormwater retained for a solar farm project can be challenging because the panels are waterproof. However, the area beneath the solar panels is pervious and runs directly into the Arroyo Simi. Unmanaged drainage systems, even when designed to remove sufficient water from solar farms properly, can have detrimental effects on nearby properties.
We cannot believe this is legal. We are in disbelief that our elected officials allow this project to proceed as planned.
To be clear, we are not opposed to the solar project in its entirety.  We are opposed to the height and proximity of this structure to our property line and the negative effects facing our community.
We are requesting a plan modification that would work for all involved in the spirit of compromise.
We need our voices to be heard.  We need our elected officials to protect our homeowner rights.
We are David to HCD's Goliath—we cannot fight this alone.
Sign this petition and make your voice heard!

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