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Sign this petition to support California Senate Bill 1300 and combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment is widespread in the workplace. SB 1300 would strengthen sexual harassment training requirements and prohibit legal tactics that discourage survivors from speaking out. We are supporting this bill as high school students and leaders of The Talk Project: a peer-to-peer sexual violence education initiative for teens across Los Angeles. We believe that every person in the workforce should be educated about sexual harassment, know their rights, and feel safe. The bill is currently in the California State Assembly and we need your support to move it forward in the legislative process.

Studies show that 60 - 70% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. We are in the midst of the #metoo era, where more and more survivors are bravely sharing their stories and demanding that #timesup on sexual harassment in the workplace. Tell California to follow in the footsteps of New York, Washington, and other states that have passed comprehensive sexual harassment prevention legislation. 

Help us to create a safe work environment for everyone.

Currently, only businesses with over 50 employees are required to give sexual harassment training and the training is only mandated for supervisors and managers. This law would require all California employers to give sexual harassment trainings to all employees. It also adds bystander intervention training to ensure that employees have the ability to intervene in instances of sexual harassment in the workplace. Furthermore, this bill would hold employers accountable by prohibiting them from using legal tactics to silence survivors and requiring them to provide information to each employee on how to report harassment.

Support our fight to end workplace sexual harassment in California and sign this petition!