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Child Support Reform for ALL States

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I was married to a man who had court ordered child support to his previous wife. During one of the hearings, it was calculated that he would get a $150 hardship credit for each of our children. He was then ordered to pay $1070 of support between his ex-wife's three children. To make things worse, he was a stay home dad because my job paid well but not enough to pay for childcare. The income used to calculate support was imposed income; money the judge felt he could make.

Now im not against the mandate to support his older children, the problem is how the courts can feel MY children are only worth $150 a month and his other children are worth $300+. How is this their constitutional right of equal protection under the law? Shouldn't the non-custodial parent have an equal obligation to support all his children the same?

What about the mother who receives a hardship because she had another baby by someone else and has to take additional time off of work.  Meanwhile, the other children's father's support increases because mother's income has decreased. (True story) He suffers indirectly because of another man's child.

Let's examine the case of a parent receiving welfare for themself and their child. The non-welfare recipient parent is obligated to pay back the full monthly payments made to the other parent. This is so even when half of that money is awarded for the support of the custodial parent and half for the support of the child. If anything, shouldn't the obligation only be to pay back the portion given for the child? (True story).

Isn't it only right that BOTH patents be obligated to support their child? I know a man that pays support for his children while the court has said the mother can simply go to school. Permissible? Maybe. But how about if this mother has been going to school for 6 years? Is this still ok? No financial obligation for her children even with 50/50 custodial rights.(True story)

Take the mother of 7 who works three jobs to support her children. The father is ordered to pay $900/mo, most times of which she barely receives half. This father has another child he receives more than $1000/mo for. He works under the table as to not have his real income exposed. They go to court because mom really needs help paying for their children's childcare. The judge proclaims very clearly that the support amount will not go up beacause dad can't make money appear! Wow. (True Story)

The point of listing all these injustices, is that child support needs to be reformed! Not to relieve the rightful obligation for a parent to support their child, but to ensure that ALL parent's constitutional rights are being honored, no one is being allowed to cheat the system and most of all, the duty to provide for our youngest citizens is EQUALLY and FAIRLY met by both parents. 

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