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Out at sea floating plastic outweighs all the plankton in the North Pacific 6 to 1. On land California spent over $42 million on litter cleanup along its highways in 2011. Fifteen percent (15%) of this litter was polystyrene (known by the tradename StyrofoamTM). Foam food ware breaks into small pieces and is blown into our local waterways. It is mistaken for food by fish, birds, and other wildlife.

This month there is a crucial vote in the California legislature on a bill, sponsored by Clean Water Action and the Surfrider Foundation, to phase out  foam. SB 568 (Lowenthal) gives California the opportunity to put an end to foam containers poisoning our food, littering our streets, and degrading our waterways. If passed, SB 568 would phase out foam food ware statewide by 2016.

SB 568 is the sixth attempt to get foam banned in California. We are doing something right this time because the well-funded opposition is worried. We need your help to get SB 568 passed!

Sixty four (64) jurisdictions in California have already banned foam food ware locally. It is time for the California legislature to respond to the will of the people and BAN FOAM statewide! Many restaurants and cafes throughout the state have voluntarily switched to foam alternatives with great success. Customers are demanding food containers that don’t leak carcinogens, like Styrene, into food and beverages!

Passing SB 568 would level the playing field for all California restaurants, save state and local governments millions of dollars, improve the health of California’s citizens, grow the green economy, and cleanup the environment.

SB 568 is going to floor of the Assembly for a vote in August. Ask your representatives to SUPPORT SB 568. Let your Assembly member know that you don’t want to be served food in foam containers any longer!

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Add some OOMPH to your support for SB 568 by calling or emailing your representative after signing the petition.   Find sample text and your Assemblymember's contact information at  Use the letter as written or customize it with your own words.  


Letter to
California State Legislature
I just signed the following petition addressed to: California Assembly.


I am writing to urge you to support SB 568 (Lowenthal). SB568 would phase out polystyrene foam food ware throughout California by 2016. It would require the use of non-foam food ware alternatives.

The continued use of polystyrene foam food ware endangers California’s economy, public health, and environment.

In 2011, Caltrans spent over $42 million on litter cleanup along California highways. 15% of this litter was polystyrene foam. Cities and counties are spending millions to capture litter. But foam evades capture by even the most sophisticated methods because it is lightweight and is easily broken into small pieces. Polystyrene harms fish, birds, and other wildlife that mistake foam pieces for food.

When used as intended polystyrene food ware leaches Styrene, a carcinogen, into food and beverages. People that eat frequently at fast food restaurants, which are slowest to switch to greener alternatives, are most at risk for accumulating the toxins leached by foam food ware.

Passing SB 568 will stimulate California’s green economy by increasing the demand of for alternatives. Food ware alternatives are currently manufactured in California by businesses like Biosphere, International Paper, Fold-Pak, and Hutamaki. The passage of SB 568 will grow the sustainable packaging business in California.

I support SB 568. I look forward to seeing you express your support by voting yes on SB 568 this August.



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