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California State Leaders & High Speed Rail Authority: Cancel the current high speed rail project in lieu of the faster & cheaper Hyperloop.

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California's current high speed rail plan is one that has been proposed for decades, the first attempt being in the early 1990's with the major problem being that it proposes building a new 21st Century rail system using 20th Century train technology and 19th Century rail lines. The current budget is $70 Billion and it is not scheduled to be completed for at least another decade, likely longer. The newly proposed Hyperloop could be built and operated at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time while making travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco in under 30 minutes a reality.

If California and the United States are serious about wanting to lead the world in fast, efficient, innovative transit then we need to ditch this overpriced plan using outdated technology and embrace the proposed Hyperloop and work with Elon Musk to build the first truly 21st Century 'train' system capable of moving passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just minutes. 

This technology is not new, we know how it works and every aspect of the technology has been successfully tested and implemented in various forms. This would merely be the first time it was used for this specific purpose and on this scale. The entire system could also be solar powered, making it a 100% clean energy system (unlike high speed rail) and would dramatically reduce the number of flights and car trips that wear down our roads and pollute our skies. As the articles below say, construction costs of the Hyperloop are 1/4 the cost of Freeways and 1/10 the cost of High Speed Rail!

So not only would this system get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less time it currently takes you to drive from Malibu to San Pedro (with no traffic), but it would cost a fraction off the proposed high speed rail and would be completely self-powered with solar energy.

Perhaps most importantly, the Hyperloop would completely revolutionize and invigorate the economy of California, and eventually of the whole nation. Once implemented and running on a regular basis, the Hyperloop would create for us a world where Los Angeles and San Francisco are less than a 30 minute non-stop commute away. The same can be said for Los Angeles and San Diego or San Diego and San Francisco. For the first time ever, these major metropolitan areas would be directly linked and only minutes away from each other.
Take Los Angeles and San Francisco, the first proposed Hyperloop transit corridor. In a world where one can commute between the two in less than 30 minutes, a whole new world of possibilities are open to the residents and visitors of California's two largest cities. People could live in Los Angeles and commute to work in San Francisco on a daily basis or vice versa. A student could go to film school in S.F. while also work an internship at an L.A. studio. Casual day trips between cities would be common place. Situations like a couple in Echo Park going up for a romantic dinner at Fisherman's Wharf or friends from Oakland grabbing lunch and a movie at The LA Farmers Market and The Grove. For businesses, not only would it open up a new market of potential employees who would not have to move themselves or their families to take a new job, but it would also make the flow of goods up and down the state easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. More fresh produce would be able to get to consumers on a daily basis and carbon emissions from food trucks would be significantly reduced.
The economic and social benefits are seemingly endless. Political benefits would come as well. Future lines would allow state lawmakers to get from their home districts to the capital much faster, meaning more time in their home districts and more time with their family and constituents.

Please sign this petition, pass it on to as many people as you can. Let's make sure we don't waste billions of our tax dollars on an outdated rail system and instead demand we build the Hyperloop -- moving California and the United States once again to the top of the world leaderboard in fast, efficient mass transit.

Here is the Hyperloop Alpha Design recently proposed by Elon Musk:

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