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Petitioning Supervisor 3rd District, San Bernardino County James Ramos and 6 others

California State Lawmakers: Ban trapping of bobcats in Morongo Basin near Joshua Tree National Park.


As residents of and visitors to the Morongo Basin and Joshua Tree National Park, we collectively value the local wildlife of the Mojave Desert for its ecological value and beauty, and the economic importance of the tourism it helps sustain. We are saddened to learn that fur trappers are able to take unlimited numbers of bobcats in cage traps during trapping season on the very threshold of our National Park. Top level predators such as the bobcat are crucial to the health of the ecosystems they inhabit. They also provide an important economic boon to desert communities by attracting wildlife-loving visitors. Unlimited trapping of these magnificent creatures threatens our ecosystem and our economy. We therefore urge you to take whatever steps are within your power to ban further trapping of bobcats throughout the Morongo Basin.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Supervisor 3rd District, San Bernardino County
    James Ramos
  • Director, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Chuck Bonham
  • State Senator
    Jean Fuller

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