Stop the Cal Poly Rebranding

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Cal Poly has just undergone a rebrand. It’s to the detriment of its students, alumni, and everyone else who is affiliated with the school. The new logo clearly has basic design flaws. It also arguably lacks professionalism and sophistication. Further, students were given almost no say in the matter of how we're symbolically represented.

Worse, it is yet another blatant example of an administration completely tone deaf to the needs of students. Instead of improving campus dining, removing fences in highly trafficked thoroughfares, or solving other simple problems, school administrators ostensibly spent $340,000 on a new logo that could have been designed by students for free or as part of a contest. It’s unrepresentative of the quality of the school. This logo makes us all look bad. If you sign this petition, hopefully we can raise enough awareness to change it back and stop further administrative waste. 

EDIT #1: This kind of blew up overnight. I've heard through the grapevine that they're not going to do away with the official seal for official purposes, although I'm not 100% certain at this point. I apologize if I've spread misinformation. That is not the aim of this. I threw this petition together in 10 minutes during a break in my BIO 327 lab yesterday (5/1/19). I've made a few revisions to make its point a little clearer.

I'm sorry if any of you feel as though it was poorly written. I'm not a lawyer or a full-time author. I'm just a 4th year BIO student trying to pass my classes and graduate on time. 

Feel free to contact me if I'm getting any facts about the nature of the logo and rebrand wrong here. I will update the description to reflect that.