Keep Charles Manson Cult Killer Bobby Beausoleil in Prison

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Charles Manson cult murderer Robert "Bobby" Beausoleil (CDC# B-28302) is scheduled for another parole hearing January 3, 2019 for his life sentence (which was commuted from a death sentence) for the murder of Gary Hinman. 

Bobby Beausoleil went to the home of Gary Hinman on July 25, 1969 to forcibly obtain money at gunpoint.  When Mr. Hinman explained he did not have the money, Bobby Beausoleil called Charles Manson to come to the home.  Charles Manson slashed Gary Hinman in the head with a sword slicing both his ear & face.  After two days of torture and continuous bleeding from this wound, Bobby Beausoleil had Gary Hinman sign over his two cars, then stabbed Gary Hinman in the chest twice, killing him on July 27, 1969.  Bobby Beausoleil wrote in blood on the wall "Political Piggy" & drew a panther paw print in blood to try to blame the murders on the Black Panthers. It is thought by many that these events started the further events of the Tate/LaBianca murders - which were crafted to look like copycat killings to try to prove Bobby Beausoleil’s innocence (since he was in jail at the time of the Tate/LaBianca murder spree).

In 1973- almost four years later- Bobby Beausoleil testified at a fellow Manson cult member Catherine Share's sanity court hearing- that the people in the court from the Manson cult were his "brothers & sisters" (although he now says he was never a member of the cult at all).  He also then stated he was "at war with everyone in this courtroom", and said : "You better pray I never get out!"

Since being incarcerated, Mr. Beausoleil has told many versions of the murder to courts & parole boards.  Bobby Beausoleil was also found, in 1984, by prison staff to be drawing & selling from prison - cartoons that he drew of naked toddlers being spanked by adults. He sold these to admitted pedophiles who were sending him money orders in prison for these drawings. He states today that he was never a member of the Charles Manson cult, diminishes his responsibility in this murder, and asks to live in free society. 

Please help me by signing this petition to let the parole board know you do not want him out for as long as the board will possibly allow.

If you would like to also e-mail or write a letter to the board when his next parole date of Januarey 3, 2019 is approaching- please include his name, CDC# B-28302 & state why you feel he should stay in prison by contacting:


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Board of Parole Hearings
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Re: Robert Kenneth Beausoleil (CDC# B-28302) -1/3/19 parole hearing

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