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Sign SB 32, Senator Mark Leno's Infused Spirits Bill Into Law

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Senator Mark Leno's SB 32 shows an immense amount of social awareness. The bill would overturn a decades old law put into effect around the time of prohibition. The original law was intended to control the production of spirits being distilled outside of the parameters of the government (i.e. those not paying taxes on illegally distilled spirits, or rather, moonshine).

As we move farther away from this time, the spirit of that law couldn't be more irrelevant, while the letter of that law has proven incredibly problematic for a very large group of people - those hardworking and creative people in the bar and restaurant business.

Unfortunately, in efforts to show pro-activity and help themselves secure future funding, the California ABC has pointed to the letter of this law and its minutia as justification for the harassment of certain bars and bartenders. Many of these targeted bars and bartenders are those who pay close attention to the craft of the cocktail and the elevated guest experience, only using the finest, freshest ingredients and most progressive techniques. These craft bartenders have now been put into a position where, in certain situations, they must serve an inferior product to the guest or abandon that which gives them, or their establishment their identity and individuality. They have been forced to deviate from that which is creative and artistic, ultimately leaving the guest with a potentially bland experience.

As part of a profession that is ever-increasingly building community through the act of eating and drinking well, with attention to quality products and creative artistry, we urge you to sign this petition allowing our craft to continue to grow and serve you better.

Tell Gov. Brown to sign Senate Bill 32 and stop the enforcement of a post-prohibition era law! 

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