Sexual minor assult. Justice be served

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14 year old, Isaiah, sexually grabbed his 7 year old cousin who had no idea what he was doing to her. is capable and old enough to understnad the rights an wrongs of his action. It was disgusting and traumatizing to see a family member do such thing to a younger family member. He should not be free. He today is looking at it as a joke. Justice should be served and he shall learn that actions have consequences 


 was with his little 7 yr old cousin. He was in bed and had a camera at an angle. he picks her up and start gropping her and shoving her up and down his genital area. he then grabs the little girl Butt and squeezes with a smile on his face. He knew what he was doing. the litlle girl was absolutly clueless. she thought he was playing with him but he kept looking at the camera and smiling. Doing nasty actions toward her and pushing her up and down. videos have been posted all over social media and everyone has made comments on his pictures telling him about his actions. but he aparently takes it all as a joke. Today we shoul;d show him that there are consequences to his actions. and his action are far beyond from being correct. help me and our community serve justice for this little girl who, just like other giirl, has been molested and treated wrongly by her OWN FAMILY MEMBER.