Ask Gov. Newsom To Support Parole For Robert Beausoleil

Ask Gov. Newsom To Support Parole For Robert Beausoleil

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Human Rights started this petition to California Governor and

Urgent. Please sign to show compassionate support for Governor Newsom to agree with the recommendation of the parole board, to grant Robert Beausoleil parole. 

On January 3rd, 2019 a California parole board recommended that Robert Beausoleil was suitable for parole. The governor has the power to approve his parole or deny it. Please show your support and ask the governor to agree with the recommendation of the board to grant Robert parole. 


  • Robert Beausoleil was not involved in the Tate/LaBianca crimes of  August 1969. Those events were completely unrelated to his crime, and he was not associated with any charge related to those events. 
  • Robert Beausoleil was never a member of “the Manson Family.”
  • Robert Beausoleil has been imprisoned for 50 years. That’s FIFTY years incarceration. He is now 71 years old and has been granted parole. 
  • It’s now the decision of newly elected CA governor, Gov. Newsom to honor the parole boards decision.

Robert has spent the majority of his life behind bars for his crime; a sentence which he feels he rightly deserved. Year after year, decade after decade; Robert has faced the consequences of his actions as a young man all those years ago, and has faced the demon of guilt and remorse in every second of that time. Now, in the year of 2019; the new year can bring new changes and new outlooks. And after fifty years of incarceration, the California CDCR Parole Board has determined him to be suitable for parole. Continuing with the theme of renewal; Robert’s fate lies in the newly elected Governor of California; Gavin Newsom. It is for this reason I am asking you my fellow citizens of the United States – to sign this petition asking Governor Newsom, of the great state of California, to start this new year and new term with forgiveness and compassion in considering his support of the parole board’s decision.

Robert Beausoleil was arrested in August of 1969, at the age of 21, for the murder of Gary Hinman. He was young and looking to gain the respect of an outlaw motorcycle organization (MC) of which he naively wished to become a member. They instructed him to purchase a $1000 worth of mescaline for a party the MC was having. Looking to gain their approval, Robert accepted the challenge and turned to his acquaintance, Gary Hinman, to obtain the drugs. A short time after delivering the drugs to the motorcycle gang, the bikers claimed that the mescaline wasn’t any good and demanded their money back. Caught in a bad situation (of his own doing) Robert went back to the home of Gary Hinman and attempted to make things right for everyone. After Hinman failed to give back the money a fight broke out between Beausoleil and Hinman resulting in Hinman being severely injured. Later Beausoleil would ultimately be responsible for the stabbing death of Hinam. Beausoleil had brought along a female friend of Charles Manson who resided at the same Spahn Ranch as the motorcycle gang that Beausoleil owed the debt. Concerned about the welfare of the woman, Charles Manson came to the house during the altercation between Hinman and Beausoleil, which resulted in Manson apparently slicing the side of Hinman’s face. Afterwards Manson left the house after ensuring the female’s safety and that ended the involvement of Charles Manson in the situation. But that association has been used for years as a punitive means to deny Bobby Beausoleil the same rights to parole, which countless other CDCR inmates accused of similar (and worse) crimes have been granted.

Robert has served five decades behind bars, and has been noted to be a prisoner in good standing with his conduct and rehabilitation. He has taken numerous educational courses, along with deep spiritual studies, and self-help/psychology curriculums. He has paid for his crimes with essentially his entire life. He entered the prison system at age 21 and is now 71 years old. He is of no danger to the public. For decades he has been accepting of his guilt for the crime he committed, and is genuinely remorseful for his actions.

Robert has NO association with the crimes attributed to Charles Manson, commonly referred to as the Tate/LaBianca murders. That is an accepted fact. The only criminal association with Manson, is that which was stated above. Nevertheless, Debra Tate, sister of Sharon Tate, is actively using her persuasion and influence in attempt to deny the parole granted to Robert by the parole board. She has even sunk to the unfortunate level of claiming Robert’s art was being sold to pedophiles for profit (which was addressed as a misunderstanding) in order to attempt to shame him and create dislike. This callous behavior is unfortunate and even though it’s known fact that Debra Tate’s personal assistant was a convicted child molester; we will not resort to those sorts of trite actions. Robert’s possibility at parole is too serious for that. At 71, we don’t know how many more chances he will get. Holding the murder of her sister and the other victims of the Tate/LaBianca slayings, which Robert had no part of, is troubling enough. It’s not fair to use those murders as a means to punish Robert. It’s disrespectful to the victims of the Tate/LaBianca murders and it’s disrespectful to fairness and justice. Both the parole board and Debra Tate have used the murder of Sharon Tate and the other victims as a means to deny parole to Robert for decades. Robert has maintained the same account and acceptance of responsibility to his crimes through those decades. He has refuted the passing of blame onto Manson, and has refuted being a member of any so-called “Manson family.” He has taken full responsibility of the murder he committed for a long time, and oddly has been disciplined for doing so. The following are some summary examples of the outcome of previous parole hearings.

At his parole hearing in 1978, Robert Beausoleil took sole responsibility for the death of Gary Hinman. He owned up to his guilt of his crimes, yet was penalized for doing so and for not blaming Manson. Accepting full responsibility for your crime is a REQUIREMENT of suitability for parole… something that Robert Beausoleil has done for decades and has been punished for doing so. That is hypocrisy.

In 2003, Robert acknowledging the fact that he MUST agree to the accepted narrative of the crimes as the Parole Board does in order to even be CONSIDERED for parole, decides to go ahead and placate the Board by diminishing his guilt a bit and implicating Charles Manson as to being involved with the crime, which they previously advised doing. The Board ultimately then responded by punishing him for being a member of the “Manson Family” and unsuitable for parole in doing what they suggested.

Again in 2005, Robert was denied parole even though he agreed to even more of the wrongfully accepted narrative of his crime, yet he bravely still stood his ground, on the hard truth, that the decision to kill Gary Hinman was his alone and not an order from Manson. Robert should have been acknowledged in doing the right thing by taking accountability for his actions, but again…. was punished by denying his parole once more because of doing the right thing.

This continued in 2008, when Robert met a particularly aggressive and uncompassionate Parole Board, who coldly passed down a five-year denial, after Robert opened earnestly and genuinely the most he had ever.

But the past is the past. And now in 2019, Robert has been found suitable for parole release. We as people have the power to break the cycle of darkness, to look deep into ourselves and open the doors of forgiveness. All of this has gone on for far too long. The negative energy, hatred, anger and darkness that surrounds anything associated to word Manson is destructive. Maybe it’s time we try something new and allow our compassion to shine instead, and let Governor Newsom know that we are ready to forgive and embrace the light.

Thank you for attention and care. Sincerely.
If you would like to also e-mail, call, or write a letter to the Governor - please include the inmate's name, CDC# B-28302 & state why you feel Robert should be granted parole for time served by contacting the Governor at:

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