Investigate blinding headlights and soaring death rate among bike-riders

According to a recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Assn. death among bicyclists in the state of California is up a dramatic 23% in 2012. This trend is not adequately explained by new ridership or by an increase in overall miles ridden. In addition, with steady and consistent technological improvements to cars, bikes and roadway lighting we should be witnessing a dramatic decline in fatalities and not a sharp increase. So what is driving this fatal trend?

At we believe that the rise in ultra-bright HID and LED headlights is responsible for this increase in cyclist deaths.

Anyone who drives, walks or bikes the roads has experienced this problem first hand: harsh, blinding light from the new HID and LED headlights. These technologies produce light that is up to three times more intense than standard halogen headlights and operate at the eye-damaging, blue-light end of the spectrum.

By temporarily blinding oncoming traffic, flooding rear and side view mirrors, increasing visual noise and creating an environment of intimidation and aggression, HID and LED headlights may be claiming the lives of the most vulnerable road users.

We call upon Jerry Brown, Governor of California to order an investigation into the possible link between HID and LED headlights and the increase in cyclist deaths. We ask that independent tests be conducted to determine the effect that these headlights have on drivers' ability to see and react to cyclists on the road. In addition, we ask that public opinion polling be conducted to determine the effect that these headlights are having on the populace at large.

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