Glue Traps a slow painful death

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Glue traps are a cheap effective way of eliminating unwanted pest in homes. They are used for many purposes such as catching mice, rats, bugs, snakes, etc. Once the pest is caught people proceed to fold and toss the trap at times when the pest is still alive.The thing people don’t know is that these traps are inhumane the pest will die a slow painful death. Mice for example will die of dehydration, starvation, suffocation, or blood loss.The mice will go to the extreme of biting off there limbs to be a able to be free but die shortly of blood loss.These animals have lives to once they die they are never able to live again.These animals are just trying to survive. It is a natural instinct for them to scavenge for food.What they do not expect is for them to be trapped on a piece of plastic or cardboard covered in glue. They are clueless to what is happening they are just afraid and confused. Many times house hold pets end up getting stuck in glue traps such as gerbils,Hamsters, kittens, small dogs, snakes, and lizards. So with this I ask you to please help by signing this petition and banning all inhumane glue traps in California and all around our country.

Thank you.