Save California Mountain Lions!

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Mountain lions in Southern California and along the Central Coast are on an extinction trajectory. If nothing is done, some populations could disappear within 50 years or less.

Tell the California Fish and Game Commission we can't let this happen. It must grant these mountain lions protection under the state's Endangered Species Act.

Over the past century, habitat for these big cats has shrunk dramatically and become increasingly fragmented. As a result mountain lions in the Santa Ana and Santa Monica mountains are now suffering from extremely low genetic diversity and inbreeding, and pumas in the Santa Cruz Mountains are showing similar trends.

They're also bombarded by a wide range of other threats, including car strikes, rat poisons, poaching and wildfire.

In response to the Center for Biological Diversity's legal petition to list Central Coast and Southern California mountain lions under the California Endangered Species Act, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife recommended in February 2020 that listing may be warranted. In April, the Fish and Game Commission unanimously voted to accept the Department’s recommendation and advance these populations to candidacy. The vote triggers a year-long review by the Department to determine if these populations should be formally protected under the Act, and the Act’s protections apply during this period.

Please sign this petition urging the Commission to grant permanent protections to these big cats.

And send an email directly to the Commission at Together we can #SaveCaliforniaCougars.

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