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We know the toxic plastic chemical BPA can harm our children and family. Now we have just until 5pm Pacific time today to tell the California EPA to stand up for our health by requiring labeling for products with BPA!

As a Mom, I’m tired of chemical companies telling me what’s safe for my children and family. Case in point: the California EPA has proposed listing the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) as a chemical known to cause reproductive harm – which would require products with BPA to carry a warning label. But the chemical industry is suing the state, claiming that there is no science showing BPA is harmful!

We know that’s bunk – and now scientists are joining us to set the record straight. A letter from 22 scientists to the California agency in charge of regulating BPA says that the science is clear: BPA can harm our children’s and families’ health, at very small doses!

Now it’s our chance to have our voices heard! Cal EPA is accepting public comments on the proposed BPA listing – but only until this Wednesday! Make your voice heard – please sign my petition today to join these scientists and add your voice to thousands who want safer products for our children and families!

California and several other states have banned BPA from products for small children, but BPA is still widely used in many plastics, including in some plastic cups and dishware, in the lining of canned foods, and many other everyday products. The scientists note in their letter that an enormous amount of recent research has linked BPA to reproductive health problems, including damage to normal sexual development that can lead to reduced fertility and other health risks.

We need to let California EPA officials know that the science is on our side – we will not let industry obstruct this urgent, health-protective labeling. We have the right to know when products contain harmful chemicals!

Please join me in supporting the science on this risky, harmful chemical! Sign my petition for safer products for our children and families today!

Letter to
Monet Vela, California EPA
I support the proposal to add the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) to California’s list of chemicals known to cause reproductive harm. I believe that parents and families have a right to know when products contain this harmful chemical. I agree with scientists who have called for a stronger rule that protects our children and families from even lower doses of BPA. Please support the strongest protections for our health!

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