Protest march to save our Steelhead Trout and Water Resources!

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Coastal Habitat Education & Environmental Restoration (CHEER) is a Monterey Bay Non-Profit that works closely with The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. (NOAA) to restore and protect our natural resources. In 2016, California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) made the decision to suspend all rescue and restoration permits for Non-Profits & Advocacy Groups state-wide! After a year of negotiation CDFW is standing fast on their policy to suspend permits. This CDFW policy has deadly consequences! During dry seasons groups such as CHEER would receive a permit to rescue Federally protected species such as the Steelhead Trout. The loss of these permits will have a negative impact on our fisheries, water quality and overall quality of life! It is no coincidence that NOAA/NMFS falls under the US Dept. of Commerce, natural resources are directly connected to our economy! Please join the fight to change the irresponsible policies of CDFW!