Save our Tahoe Vista family of Bears

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Please help Save a local family of Bears in Tahoe Vista...our local children have been following the Mama and cubs since their birth, the Bear family mostly reside in the North Tahoe Regional Park backing to the Tahoe Forest.  California Department of Fish and Wildlife has set a Death trap at a residential home of someone who left food in his car with his windows down, thereby the bears entered the car doing damage.  As locals who care about Tahoe, our wildlife, and our home we strive to "Keep Tahoe Bearable"; encouraging humans to use Bear proof Boxes for the garbage, locking cars and not leaving food in them, using the "Bear Busters" to place electric mats, fencing, and more to deter bears from their properties.  We do not want our Bear families killed.  Please let the California Department of Fish and Wildlife know we want to save our bears and please remove the trap placed in Tahoe Vista, Ca and let's not Kill Our Bears. 

We would suggest requiring all homes have Bear Proof Boxes, that our local trash company plan a pick-up route that accommodates both long term residents and short term visiting tourists, that we begin an education program "Bear Awareness" in Tahoe, much like the one in Yosemite and Mammoth.  

As an educator and resident of Tahoe for 30 plus years, I believe we must protect our natural environment and its wildlife for our children, and their children to come.