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Give the Ojai Bear Clemency

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The California Department of Fish and Game plans to capture and euthanize one of our very few local black bears after a minor attack on a woman who came too close to her and her cub while walking three dogs.

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I have started this petition to ask the California Department of Fish and Game to reconsider and let our fellow local Ojai resident live. The bear, according to the article did not viciously attack and maul this woman. She was simply protecting her baby and warning the woman to back off. Any human mother would protect their child if they believed them to be in danger. The Bear could have very easily finished the woman off, however they are very docile creatures, and it obviously had no intent of causing the woman any further injury.
There are very few bears left in the Southern Los Padres National forest, and it is a miracle she was able to find a mate at all. Euthanizing the mother bear will certainly mean the slow starvation and death of her cub as well.
California Department of Fish and Game, the authority bestowed upon you by the state government is meant for the protection and management of our native wildlife species. Not for the unnecessary further eradication of threatened species our fore fathers so blindly brought to the edge of extinction. Please, let the bear live. They only want to be left alone in the very small portion of their original habitat that remains. Please let the people of Ojai cling to one of the few natural beauties that remain the difference between our small town mountain community and the concrete jungle of the Southern California Metropolis. Please don't let our local black bear go the way of her Golden and Grizzly cousins. Please let the bear live.
Anonymous woman who suffered the attack, I know you are injured and it may be hard to see past what must have been a horrifying experience, but I hope you can understand that the bear was only acting to protect its cub and didn't wish to harm you unnecessarily. I know your stance on this will have no bearing on the actions taken by the Department of Fish and Game, but nonetheless, I would like to ask you to come forward and join us in disapproval of this bear's euthanization. We certainly don't hold you accountable for this short sighted government policy, but please, stand up and let them hear your voice as well.
People of Ventura county, my friends and neighbors, please join together in support of this bears life, and don't sit on your hands and allow this autrocity to occur. Sign this petition, and tell the Department of Fish and Game we aren't okay with you executing one of our local residents!

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