Provide $2500 initial PCP Transition funds to ALL CA Regional Center clients

Provide $2500 initial PCP Transition funds to ALL CA Regional Center clients

May 7, 2021
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California Department of Developmental Services
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Why this petition matters

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DDS offered families $2500 to get support to enter the Self-Determination program during the 3-year phase-in program. All we ask is that they continue this funding once this program opens up to all Regional Center clients in California.


On June 7, 2018, the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) approved a lottery-based three year phase-in for the Self-Determination Program, an optional waiver that allows people with developmental disabilities (DD) who are receiving regional center services in California the opportunity to have more control over their services and service providers. Over 500 people have participated in the phase-in and have experienced life-changing benefits. 

The self-determination process begins with the development of a person-centered plan, a process led by trained person-centered planning facilitators that involves several conversations and activities with clients and their circle of support to shift their service plan from a systems focus to a personalized one. The transition from the traditional system to self-determination also involves the construction of a spending plan, an individualized document that translates a regional center client’s budget under traditional services to meet their self-directed wants and needs outlined in their Person-Centered Plan. Clients in the phase-in process have received up to $2500 in “initial person-centered planning funds” to cover the person-centered plan and other transition services. 

On June 7, 2021, the phase-in ends and the Self-Determination Program opens to all regional center clients in California. This will allow the 300,000+ people served by regional centers across California the option to experience the benefits of self-determination. However, California DDS has not guaranteed that people will receive $2500 in initial person-centered planning funds. If DDS does not provide these funds, the $2500 burden will be placed on individuals and their families, and the Self-Determination Program will remain out of reach for many. There will be a disparity in SDP enrollment because only those who have the additional funds will be able to enroll in the Self-Determination Program, and families may choose not to enter because they don’t have the guidance for starting the program that trained person-centered planning facilitators provide. If this happens, many people will not experience the benefits of the Self-Determination Program and will remain underserved by traditional services. The Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee of California DDS has the power to make these funds readily available to all California regional center clients. 

The Ask is Simple

Urge California DDS to provide ALL California Regional Center clients who are transitioning into the Self Determination Program up to $2500 in initial person-centered planning funds, to be used to cover the development of a person-centered plan and any other transition costs, including the budget and spending plan process. 

Why should they do this?

Equitable access - Being able to afford $2500 out of pocket for this kind of support can dramatically impact access to this program. It will create a two-tiered system whereby those families with means will be able to access the support required to enter this program, and those who cannot will be on their own. This means we will continue to see disparities in access and funding for BIPOC, low income families, and those living in rural areas.
Meet the need that is there - This program is a fantastic way for self-advocates to gain greater independence and authority over the services and supports they receive. As we’ve seen, however, making the transition from the traditional system to the Self-Determination Program can take expertise to do well. Families need this expertise, especially as Regional Center Service Coordinators are themselves still getting up to speed on this program.

How you can help

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Signatures: 237Next Goal: 500
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