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Please help me with my campaign to change the world and keep victims free from reoccurring parole hearing's to be able to grieve 15 year's in the maximum amount in between hearing's please help by signing and sharing 

This is my victim stament from May 19th 2015 my family needs peace and time to greive.

I am the sister of  Craig. My journey to this hearing today began when I  was nine years old, the day my brother was brutally murdered and taken away from me in an instant. I was too old to have the truth kept from me and too young to really know the impact it would have on me and my
family's future. As a child, my security was stolen  from me. The day my brother was killed, not only did this vicious crime take my big brother away for forever, it set into motion the anxiety, depression, PTSD, and  fears I struggle with to this today. Unfortunately, I  had nine short years with my brother Craig. I remember him carrying me on my  shoulders. He was someone I  loved and looked up to. I felt protected by him as a little sister and then in a blink of an eye my world was  shattered. My family disintegrated. My parents divorced. My life would never be the same. This crime was not just a tragic mistake a young person made that had devastating effects. This was a crime that the murderer admitted he committed for no real justified  reason other than to gain clout and popularity with the Skinheads. None of the excuses I have heard or read take away the simple and unbearable proof that this person put all of the community at risk when he chose to  take someone's life. If it hadn't been my brother's, it would have been someone else. But it was my brother who this convicted murderer stabbed not once but repeatedly 23 times even when he tried to get away. There was no mercy as he chased him over the fence. His throat was slashed from ear to ear. My brother became the victim. This person set out with intent to kill that night. So here I am today because there is a procedure that must  be followed by Parole Hearings. However, this is a  continually reminder of the past, a dreadful time as he inaudible from every day. I am a living victim, also serving a life sentence at the hands of this person. I  should not have to make pleas every few years to keep this predator killer from walking the streets again. I should not have to live in fear that this killer may be released and possibly harm my family again or God forbid another innocent family. This horrible crime can never be fixed but at least knowing my brother's murderer will not be released I may have a chance to begin to heal from the torture, this senseless killing he has put me and my family through. The nature of this crime will never allow any community to be safe from his hands or
 judgment -- judgment calls, I'm sorry. No amount of counselling or treatment, nor time served will erase the actions set in stone. This is a tragic situation that can be prevented from happening again by keeping the  general public from ever having to face the same danger  my brother unknowingly faced. A killer with no mercy or regard for life. My brother was only 22 when he was literally cut down. That was all he got. The person who did this is now nearly twice my brother's age at the  time of his death. He got to live. My brother wasn't  even given that chance. He should serve his life
sentence where he can never put others in danger again. Thank you  

Lindsay Shipley