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Petitioning California Coastal Commission and San Diego City Council

Preserve human access and enjoyment of the Children's Pool in La Jolla, CA

Eco-groups and "friends of the seals" have orchestrated a campaign of harassment and intimidation against divers, fishermen and the beach-going public for over a decade now. Actions such as throwing rocks, spitting, stealing, vandalizing, punching, shoving, yelling profanity and even assaults with a stun gun perpetrated by animal-extremists against beach-goers and tourists are commonplace and often ignored by the police and the City of San Diego. Additionally, despite court orders and in violation of state law, the City of San Diego has continuously ignored its obligations to the citizens of the State of California and residents of San Diego. These obligations are set-out in the so-called Children's Pool Trust and the State Constitution. Among these obligations is the guaranteed right of "convenient access" to the Children's Pool beach for fishermen. Despite this constitutional right to access, the City has, in the past, closed this beach and continues to post rope barriers and warnings across the beach. The City has even sought to outright close the beach and pool for part of the year in violation of State law and the Constitution.

Unfortunately, what was once recognized as a true San Diego treasure and originally built primarily for a Children's bathing pool and playground has been neglected and virtually destroyed. Hollywood once shot movies there. Detroit shot a car commercial at the Children's Pool. The first permanent San Diego Lifeguard Station was constructed there. National Geographic once wrote of the Children's Pool: "Even Alice, fresh from Wonderland, would have gasped at the landscape spread below me". However, we have a lifeguard station which has been condemned. We have "port-a potties" on the sidewalk. The sea wall and stairs are literally crumbling. The cliff-side has collapsed onto the beach and undermined the sidewalk. Extremists populate the sidewalk shouting obscenities at anyone with the temerity to step foot on the beach. The City Police Department has a special "policy" not to enforce many City codes and ordinances at the Children's Pool. The sand is polluted with seal feces. This San Diego treasure has nearly been lost.

A proposal to either close the beach and/or further encroach on public access is before the Coastal Commission and San Diego City Council. We respectfully petition that the rights of the citizens of the State of California be recognized and the Children's Pool beach remain open and be quickly restored to its original condition. Please do not allow this treasure entrusted to us from previous generations to be destroyed and sold to environmental activists. Keep the Children's Pool open! Do not approve any proposal to close or limit access at the Children's Pool beach.

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