Save My NJ Family of 6 from Eviction

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Because of my husband’s debilitating mental illness, our house was foreclosed. I was not aware that he was in such a bad state -- he hid it from me for years. I didn't know he had stopped paying the mortgage until we got a notice that there had been a sheriff's sale. Once I learned this, I began a campaign to save the home where we live with our four children (and our beloved pets -- cats and one blind dog). I consulted attorneys; I tried to communicate with Caliber Home Loans, the mortgage company; and I communicated with the real estate agency that was in charge of our property. Finally, I found a neighbor who’s a real estate investor who is willing to help me buy the house back.

But now I’ve gotten a letter that tells me we are scheduled to be evicted on March 15. Please help me send the message to Caliber Home Loans’ CEO Sanjiv Das and other executives at Caliber to not evict a family of six, who are already dealing with the truly devastating effects of mental illness. We have a workable plan to get the home back, it just requires that they work with us and not against us. If they would allow the investor to buy the house now for cash instead of evicting us, it will save them time and effort and allow us to stay in our home.

This is the only house my youngest daughter has ever known. The eviction notice came in the mail on her 9th birthday -- but we had her birthday dinner and she doesn't know yet that we may have to leave our home in the neighborhood we love, find new homes for our animals, disrupting her life in so many ways. With all that's going on with our family, that has been my greatest goal -- to not disrupt the life she's known.

We just want to stay in our home. Please support this petition and help get the message out.