Calgary Pride should allow Rachel Notley & the NDP to march in Calgary Pride Parade

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In July of 2019, Calgary Pride made a cruel and unjust politically motivated decision to “not allow any political parties” to march in the Pride Parade September 1st, bowing to political power and refusing to take stand against the injustices against our community.

For the last three years they were in power, Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP have been continuous and strong allies, supporters, and advocates for the LGBTQ2S+ community. Increased protections for Alberta GSA’s, stayed in the legislature day and night to FIGHT for Queer Kids of Alberta, AND was in the process of banning conversion therapy.  Meanwhile the current United Conservative Government strips those rights away. Jason Kenney even took away the visitation rights of gay aids patients, and denies that conversion therapy is an issue in Alberta. The first premier to EVER roll back LGBT rights. 

Calgary Pride doesn’t want people to perceive other political parties as “anti-LGBT”, and to that I ask “what the hell?”. The current government is actively working against our community and has members that have been open about hating the LGBT community. Wake up call! They ARE anti-LGBT. 

In today’s day, when we have the support of Rachel Notley and the NDP, we need to celebrate them too.  Pride IS POLITICAL. It was born out of activism, and political change to better our community. Instead Calgary Pride wants to make the event a corporation celebration, and we won’t allow it. 

We are DEMANDING that Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP be allowed to march in the parade because they have fought for us vigilantly and tirelessly for years.