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Calgary police drop investigation into suspicious death of aspiring young 22 year old black female, Cindy Kumi.

On the evening of August 25, 2018, at the age of 22, Cindy Kumi got into a vehicle to get a ride home from those who had picked her up earlier, for a fun night out in Calgary.

Hours later her body was found on east Memorial drive, west of Deerfoot, after having been hit by a vehicle.

Calgary Police, at the time, stated that ‘no charges would be laid against the driver who struck Cindy, as a pedestrian would not have been expected to be at that location, nor at that time’. (Source: Global News; September 14, 2019 Carolyn de Castillo, Calgary mother of woman killed on Memorial Drive seeks justice: ‘I need someone to tell me what happened’)

CPS’s statement appears to show fault being placed on Black lives, regardless of whether the victim was in a location not expected of pedestrians. This statement also appears to echo similar responses to these situations by police forces in the US and Canada throughout Black history.

This is a historical pattern of repeated Black lives missing, dying, and disregarded. Met with silence, police inaction and gross apathy, Cindy’s case joins in the echoes of many such tragic deaths throughout six hundred years of enslavement and racial terror. Her death is both a cry and a wakeup call to end this gross indignity and disposal of Black lives. Enough is enough! Duty and empathy of responsibility must be given to these lives, Cindy’s life.