We support the CBE proposal to keep the Mandarin Bilingual Program at Colonel Irvine

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As parents and students of Colonel Irvine, Highwood and Marion Carson Schools, we would like to express our appreciation for the opportunity to provide input during the stakeholder engagement process for impacted schools in Areas I and II.  Through the engagement process, the CBE has demonstrated transparency, shared helpful information for families to assess the impact of CBE scenarios/proposed plans and provided ample ways for families to share their views.

We recognize that making changes to school designations is extremely challenging given the various needs and priorities within the system.  We also know that the final decision may not satisfy the desire of all families among the many schools affected.  We appreciate that competing interests were weighed and very difficult choices were made.  

Thank you for taking into consideration the very good reasons for maintaining the side-by-side campus for the Mandarin Bilingual Program at Highwood School and Colonel Irvine.  Keeping the campuses together will support the long-term sustainability of the program, allow for continued sharing in resources and ensure families/siblings can stay together with coordinated transportation/schedules. At the same time, this scenario allows for the growth of both the Regular program at Colonel Irvine and the TLC program at Colonel Macleod.

We would especially like to recognize the strong commitment, honesty and integrity of Area II Director Darlene Unruh, Area I Director Brant Parker, Planning & Transportation Director Carrie Edwards, and their teams during this engagement and planning process. Collectively, they demonstrated a high level of dedication with a genuine interest to make decisions in keeping with the CBE’s values of students come first, learning is the central purpose and public education serves the common good.  

Thank you for proposing to keep the Mandarin campuses together as your decision will provide the best possible circumstances for the Mandarin Bilingual Program to thrive for many years to come.


Families of Colonel Irvine, Highwood, and Marion Carson Schools in the Mandarin Bilingual Program

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