Urge CBE to Create a 0-Tolerance Bullying Policy

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On March 6, 2019,  a 9 year old by the name of Amal committed suicide due to bullying. Amal and her family came from Syria, fleeing war, as government-sponsored refugees three years ago. The school claimed no issues with Amal were raised and, after claimed investigations, Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Police declared there was no evidence of bullying. A 9 year old child claimed to have been bullied, committed suicide, and the school she attended took no accountability. Calgary Board of Education took no accountability. There was no letter sent home by the school nor CBE, even after Amal's death. The school did not hold a memorial, nor seem to have acknowledged bullying after the fact. A 9 year old child killed herself, and no one stood up for her. 

But bullying does exist in that school and in many CBE schools in Calgary, especially smaller ones in the North such as the one Amal attended. Yet there is no strict policy against bullying. There is no set policy that students and teachers alike must follow. No steps are taken by CBE to ensure bullying is well-handled, no matter the race, gender, sexual-orientation, or background of that person. Hard, set-in-stone rules with high consequences are obeyed; and if they are not, they are set in place to deal with individuals that need that kind of treatment to understand their wrongdoings. CBE does not take bullying situations serious enough. A 9 year old has taken her life, her parents claim that it was due to bullying in a CBE school, and CBE is silent. It is time that we all take accountability for the environment we put children in. A 9 year old child took her own life, the best we can do is prevent someone else from doing the same. Bullying is serious, and it should be taken more seriously by our schools in our city. If this change helps save a life, it's a change worth taking. 


The following resources are provided by The Star Calgary:

"In Canada, if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts or mental health issues you can call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566. You can also text them at 45654 or chat online at crisisservicescanada.ca.

The Kids Help Phone number is 1-800-668-6868. You can also text TALK to 68686 (English) or 686868 (French).

There are centres across Canada available to help refugees and newcomers to the country deal with mental health issues. The Refugee Health Line is 1-866-286-4770."