Postpone CU part 3, which is just before elections, stretching over 8 consecutive days

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

A request to the students annd the students body of different colleges which don't work entire year, please arrange for a protest. we don't have time left. sign this.

Let's share in FB and call everyone for a protest on monday 20th march before cu. let's gather. call your friends.

The exams have been scheduled from 2nd April to 9th April which is just before the elections. Many people will have to move back to their hometowns which take time and need reservations for train tickets. Also, many come from different states where they need to go to vote. The roads will be jammed by politicians and rallies , loud speakers will not let the students study and there may be problems in transpoetatiott too since it is a very volatile period.

Also, it is not possible for a student to write so many papers for 8 days without any break in between. (only one sunday). it will take time to reach home because of the above mentioned reasons and it's impossible to study witwith rest.

The youth is the future, treat them well and let us have our share. It is an appeal to the CM too, please redress our problem. We expect this from our CM to help her youth.

I doubt this will reach the decision maker. Let's phase a protest in front of CU campus within 2 days.

the website contains the email addresses of the authorities. Send them as many mails as possible and let thtt realize the urgency. Bombardment of mails may help us get their attention.

Thank you.A CU student.